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                   The First Firm for Producing Lotus Seed Paste

 Lianxianglou is a famous old firm with a history of over one hundred years and enjoys a title of the First Firm for Producing Lotus Seed Paste. There is a story about the lotus seed paste of Lianxianglou.. In1889, Lianxianglou was established in the west part of ancient Guangzhou city. At that time, many rich families and businessmen lived around there. Catering trade was very prosperous and competition very keen. For soliciting customers, every firm vide with another to produce new and unique foods. One day, Mr.Chen qingjian, the master craftsman in Lianxianglou, pondered deeply over innovation of the method for cake making when he drunk a bowl of sugar water with lotus seed. He was refreshed by the fragrant smell of lotus seed .So he fixed his gaze on the lotus seed and suddenly he got an inspiration for producing cake stuffing with lotus seed paste. As a result, he tool some lotus seed, cleaned them with water and removed the core, boiled them in a copper cooker and well stirred meanwhile, then put into some white sugar and peanut oil. However, the earliest product of lotus seed paste had a little astringent. Testing again and again, Mr. Chen finally succeeded in developing a new method to remove lotus seed peel with soda water. Therefore, the lotus seed paste not only maintains the delicate fragrance of lotus seed, but also is free of astringent, featuring golden color and smooth feeling as well as strong lotus seed smell. For this reason, Lianxianglou has been honored as The First Firm for producing Lotus Seed Paste. There is such a word widely spread in catering industry of Guangdong and Hongkong that it was impossible for making lotus seed paste moon cake without Lianxianglou’s lotus seed paste. Since then Lianxianglou has been known as the originator of Guangzhou style’s lotus seed paste moon cake.



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